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Foreclosure Crisis Coming, I am here To Help

If you were a homeowner during the Great Recession of 2009, I know you have a few stories to tell about family and friends on how they lost their homes...

We are on another verge of a financial crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with proper preparation and my expertise in real estate solutions, you can avoid the repeat of the past.


Here are a couple of my testimonials on how I have helped my clients on tough issues that almost seemed unsolvable: 


Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of my clients had received a foreclosure notice, and because of the “Shelter In Place” order a tenant had occupied the property and could not be evicted by my client. So, he reached out to me for help.  I was able to negotiate for my client and get forbearance on his mortgage for six month. During forbearance, there are no payments due, sharing the financial options his credit score will not be compromised. Most  importantly, foreclosure has been delayed. Now, my client has more time to think about his next step and to preserve his equity position.


Another homeowner had a complication with his heart and was hospitalized. He has  incurred huge medical expenses and he was not able to work. However, his mortgage payment did not stop, that is when he came to me for help, and with my experience I was able  to negotiate and obtain more affordable monthly payments, he was able to remain in his home. 


One of my clients held my business card for over ten years.  He finally decided to call me due to discrepancies on an easement issue. Prior to calling me, he had contacted a real estate lawyer and others for help, unfortunately, he was not able to get the results he needed. However, with my real estate resources and expertise, we opened up a communication channel between the two parties and provided options on how he could get a clear title to his property.


My passion is to help people like I always have in my 43+ years of real estate experiences, and during the financial crisis of 2009, I can recall how many people were hurt by it. That is why I am writing to let you know there is help. I am dedicating myself to help you to preserve your equities and get past this crisis. I would love to hear about your challenges and give you my inputs and guide you towards a better future.


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