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ADU Revolution Simplified

Build an ADU from a kit that looks attractive, site-built and high quality for a prefab price!


High quality, high efficiency kits for Accessory Dwelling Units and emergency applications. Fast to build, beautiful units from backyard offices to emergency solutions for first responders to solutions for permanent supportive housing for unhoused people. Prices are similar and often less expensive than prefab, but look site-built. ​​


Light, Fast, Strong and Affordable

By using our light, strong, fast to assemble and incredibly energy efficient Structural Insulated Panels – plus the economy of scale of using pre-designed kits – we can get you the best ADU you can imagine for a price similar to the prefab and folding home competitors.

Invest in the Future

Join our crowdfunding investment round and get great discounts and the opportunity to own a part of the future.

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